The Objective Vimmer

Rocking iOS Development with the Vim

Complexity Multipliers

On Tuesday, August 27th at noon, I will be presening on “Complexity Multipliers” at the Chicago Geekfest (located at the 600 West office of Groupon).

PrizCon 2013

Saturday I attended PrizCon 2013, a full-day technical conference inside the Marion Correctional facility to inspire and educate and connect.

Intro to Scheme

What’s amazing about Scheme is that it’s small and easy to learn, but still amazingly powerful. Scheme’s code-is-data philosophy allows you to invent your own language features. And it’s functional.

Code Reuse in Kiwi Tests

Kiwi provides a pretty awesome DSL for writing expressive, executable specs. What it doesn’t provide is an easy way to reuse code.